You are not a Miner unless you are Mining4Beer!

For those who dig beer mining

It began as a Wednesday social thing  and then like all dramatic relationships, we got commitment issues.  

About Us


Why we Beer

Now we meet whenever, wherever and definitely at least once a month, but it works for the beer and it works for the rest of us.  

A very small group of like-minded mining types decided to meet for a beer; we like beer and beer happens to like us.  Remember, life is all about the balance.  

Mining 4 Beer is a non-sanctioned industry-related social event for those of us in the mining industry.  We'll meet once a month, don't know when, don't know where.  

We'll put out an announcement on dates/locations.  Social networks spread the word, the beer brings us all together.  

Join the club, build a thirst, spread the word and always remember:

You're not a Miner unless you are Mining 4 Beer.


Where we beer (see, beer is a verb)

We meet in Australia, Canada, the US, Africa and Europe....and if we dig hard enough we may be able to open "meetings" in other countries.  We're building regional committees to help spread the word, we'll message dates on Twitter (@mining4beer) and LinkedIn. 


We're not in search of fame, just fun.

Join us, bring a colleague and a friend. If you must, you can even bring family (just never admit to it). mining


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