You are not a Miner unless you are Mining4Beer

About Us

Who We Are

We began as a Wednesday social thing, only once a month and then like all dramatic relationships, we developed commitment issues.  

A very small group of like-minded mining types decided to meet for a beer.  We like beer and beer happens to like us.  Remember, life is all about the balance. 


So we thought why not spread this good cheer to those we work with?  We put out the word and before we new it this thing went viral. It's not the first time an infection hit the Mining industry.  

Mining4Beer is an industry-related social event for those of us in the mining industry. We meet monthly, quarterly and whenever the thirst strikes us.   


We put out  announcements on dates/locations. Social networks spread the word, the beer brings us all together. 

We meet throughout Australia, Canada, the US,  Africa....and if we dig hard enough we may be able to open "meetings" in other countries. 

We build regional committees that help spread the word, we'll message dates on Twitter (@mining4beer) and LinkedIn.

Swapping business cards - that's okay. Other than beer there's no selling, and no more fun than the stories we share.  

Join the club, build a thirst, spread the word and always remember:

You're not a Miner unless you are Mining 4 Beer.

What we do

You have one guess.

Where we do

Australia, Canada, South Africa, United States, Kenya, United Kingdom, France, Peru (occasionally)


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Drop us a line!

Better yet, see us in person!

See us, talk to us, drink with us!


Australia: Perth. Canada: Vancouver, Yellowknife, Sudbury, Toronto. United States: Denver. United Kingdom: London. France: Paris. Kenya: Nairobi. South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town.

(647) 470-0024



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